John McConnell
Expert: 8z Realtor

8z Louisville

As a recent addition to an exclusive network of 8z brokers, I bring clients my endless passion and enthusiasm! I try and experience life to the fullest with my foot on the gas and working with 8z is no different. I welcome challenges and will dedicate myself to the task until even the toughest obstacles are defeated; so I am excited to have finally found a Real Estate company that breaks away from the norm and places people before paychecks! I enjoy working with people of all backgrounds and helping them fulfill their dreams; because Real Estate isnt just selling houses, its finding dreams. Let me help you find yours! I am a Colorado native who grew up in the mountain town of Conifer. I spent my younger years in the forests and mountains of the Rockies before I enlisted into the Colorado Air National Guard. Since then I have been to Air Force basic training and have been trained in Satellite Communications. After returning home, I received my Bachelors Degree in Communications and Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder, all while working full time for the Guard. I now own my home in the Vista Ridge community of Erie and love watching the area boom with new business and new people! My wonderful mother was born Deaf and that gives me the unique knowledge of American Sign Language and Deaf culture, so I love working with deaf clients because I can give them the unique attention that they deserve! In 2013, our community experienced the devastating September Floods; and as a member of the Colorado Air National Guard, I had the opportunity to deploy out and help the citizens of Lyons, Colorado evacuate the area and avoid further dangers. It is because of experiences like this that I choose to stay a member of the Guard: helping my home, my neighbors and my family in times of crisis. Outside of work, I love to spend my time flying above the skies of Longmont as a licensed skydiver, zipping around town on my motorcycle, hosting board game nights with friends and family, planning my wedding with my Fianc and trying to experience all of the exiting and crazy things Colorado has to offer. I look forward to helping you sell your house, finding your first place, your dream home, establishing an investment property, or simply just talking about the community that we call home. Together we will find what youre looking for, and have a great time doing it.