Listing Review: 2788 Fairway Pointe Drive

July 12, 2017

Happy Wednesday Vista Ridge!

Today we are looking at another home in the Latitude neighborhood that has recently come up: 2788 Fairway Pointe Drive. This 2014 home has two beds, three baths, a two car garage and rather rare for the neighborhood: a small backyard space. The home is well finished being from 2014 and in good shape, with the upstairs living space being large, open and functional. The master bedroom is on the main floor just off the living room, with ample space and a sizable 5 piece en suite to complete the package. The Basement is just as large as the main floor and would serve a large variety of purposes with minimal effort; and the second bedroom provides a perfect space for a guest, roommate or family member.  
What is semi-unique about this property is that, unlike most homes in Latitude, this home has a decent sized back pad space. It isn’t a yard, but it is plenty of space to let a smaller dog get some fresh air, to grill, or to enjoy some outdoor sun.

However, this home has one thing that can hinder it’s sale: only two bedrooms. Now, for some this isn’t a problem it can even be ideal, empty nesters for example. For them a two bedroom home is a fine thing, needing only a second bedroom for an occasional guest. But for many others, the lack of a third bedroom will pose a problem. It limits who will consider buying this home even before they come to see it. 

This home is in line with the Vista Ridge pricing, being one of the cheapest homes on the market. For this price you are getting a newer, well finished home that will likely require minimal work for years to come; furthermore, many of the competitors in this price range come from within Latitude and don’t have the private back pad that this home does. But this home lacks square footage and additional bedrooms that the aforementioned homes bring to the table. I don’t think that the backyard space will outweigh the additional 1000 square feet and extra bedroom that 1942 Windemere offers down the way and thus will likely sell after Windemere does, and likely a few thousand less than it currently is listed at.

Ultimately this home comes down to it’s two bedrooms. If you can make that work for you, then the merits of this home are good and worth consideration. But several hundred feet away at 1942 Windemere you can get a lot more home for the price, just without a back pad. Trade offs. 

This property is Listed by MB/Team Lassen