Listing Review: 1942 Windemere Lane

June 28, 2017

Good Afternoon Readers!

I hope everyone is having a great week getting ready for the 4th of July Festivities! 
Today I wanted to show you a unique home that has a lot going for it. at 1942 Windemere Lane is a spacious three bedroom, three bathroom home with 3098 square feet, a two car garage and an unfinished basement. This main floor of this home feels quite spacious, being well laid out and well designed; the sight-lines are open and the floor plan is simple and effective. The upstairs comes with a large loft that is fantastic for a playroom, office, or gaming room; two guest bedrooms of decent size, and a master suite that is quite large for what you would expect in a home of this size and price point. The Master is quite a selling point for the home.
The basement is unfinished but has a wooden floating floor already installed, and is laid out very well, so that if/when you were to finish, the process would give you a myriad of options and choices. 

Now this home has an issue: the home has no yard whatsoever. Furthermore, it is in a tightly packed neighborhood that may immediately put some buyers off. Now Vista Ridge is no stranger to these ‘sardine can’ neighborhoods, so this isn’t a unique problem, but it is one nevertheless. However, the home feels awesome inside; you have a large home with some quality amenities and spaces, and there are many families both new and old who don’t need or don’t want the hassle that can come with a yard.

This home is well priced for what it is. It is THE CHEAPEST home in Vista Ridge, and that likely has to do with the (lack of) yard. With the 4th of July weekend coming up, most families will be spending time doing things other than house hunting, and that might hurt this home’s chances for a faster sale. This will mean that for those who are going to take the extended weekend to house hunt, there might be a better deal here. 

This home has some solid amenities at a great price, but with a unique neighborhood and lack of a yard, it isn’t for everyone. Come take a look at it and see if it is for you!

This property is Listed by MB/APerfectHome4U Realty