Listing Review: 1213 Catalpa Place

March 29, 2017

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Today we have a beautiful, almost new home on the very North end of Vista Ridge. At 1213 Catalpa lies a four bedroom, three bathroom home with a strange three car garage, an unfinished 1400 square foot basement and a fairly good sized back yard. The main floor has an office and a dining room off the entrance, before entering into the main living space. This space comes with its own half bathroom, a large well-lit living room and an awesome kitchen. The kitchen is a definite highlight of this home with beautiful marble counters, dark cabinets that match the floors, and appliances that anyone would be happy to have in a chef’s kitchen. Off the kitchen is the garage with a really quaint mudroom featuring several cubbies and storage solutions for a family on the go. The garage is a strange thing: it’s a three car garage, but the third slot is offset 90 degrees and has its own door. It lends itself more to a storage garage, or a special vehicle that is taken out once in a while.
The upstairs has a small loft/landing that connects the four bedrooms together, with three bedrooms on one side and a guest bedroom on the other. The three guest/kids rooms are very well sized and all have excellent storage space, and share a single full bathroom. The master suite is large, has an awesome view of the mountains that will never be impeded, and has a expansive ensuite complete with large a large walk in closet.
The unfinished basement completes the house with an additional 1400 square feet, and is currently being utilized as another living room. 

There are a few features of note that will likely cause a few buyers to question this home. The first is that home is just laid out really weird. The very first room off the main door is a closed off dining room, the landing/loft upstairs is tight and narrow, the third guest room having the separation from the other two and not the master. None of these are terrible, or even bad; but I noticed them and I know many of you will. Another issue of note is the backyard/view. Now, half the view is plain amazing; straight shot of the valley and the mountains for as long as the golf course remains…but the other half is of the hills that make up the regional landfill, and more importantly the resurgence of the fracking fields. Fracking is a big deal for some, and there is clearly a fracking field and its 30 foot walls a quarter mile away, but keep in mind it is temporary and when it leaves, the view will remain.

I think that the home is accurately priced. There is a lot of stock being placed in the view and the lot location, and currently with the fracking field in clear view, that might get lost. However, when compared to other homes on the market at the moment, the home is well finished, and well taken care of. It helps that it is only three years old, and when comparing to other homes such as 1666 Alpine, it is very noticeable. As long as buyers are ok with the temporary annoyance of the fracking field, this home should move quickly. 

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in seeing this or any other home, please give me a call!

This property is Listed by Ahmann Realty Services Inc